Improving GBV victims support services and the access to justice through Trauma-informed Care

Care4Trauma project aims improving the access to justice of victims of GBV by (1) strengthening the services for traumatised women provided by victims support organizations (2) encourage the adoption of a trauma informed approach in a larger number of supporting organisations (3) enlarging the understanding of the benefit offered by TIC approach.

Specific objectives
• To increase the capacities of social workers, social educators, lawyers, psychologists and
psychiatrists in applying a trauma-informed care approach in the provision of gender-based violence
victim support;
• To promote the application of trauma-informed care in gender-based violence victims support
organizations and services in Europe;
• To identify and disseminate, through mutual learning, good practices and increase the knowledge
on the application of trauma-informed care in gender-based violence victim support organisation and
services in Europe;
• To increase the knowledge on the obstacles met by GBV victims in accessing the justice system
and to identify organizational and training needs related to this issue;
• To increase the awareness and knowledge about trauma-informed care related to gender-based
violence among relevant stakeholders, policy and decision makers.
With the aim to maximise the participation of participants from the public

Main deliverables:

  • State of Art Reports – Estonian Country Report & Estonian Data Report 
  • Policy Recommendations Report
  • The Fundamentals and Essential Elements of Trauma-Informed Care curriculum
  • The Psycho-traumatology and TIC Specialized curriculum
  • The Trauma Informed Care Practice Handbook


MondoDonna Onlus, Italy

SISST – The Italian Society of Traumatic Stress Studies, Italy
UWAH – Union of Women Associations of Heraklion, Greece
ABD – Welfare and Development Association, Spain
WSIC – Women’s Support and Information Centre, Estonia
AZKZ – Autonomous Women’s House Zagreb, Croatia

First Care4Trauma Newsletter (July 2022)
Second Care4Trauma Newsletter (November 2022)
Third Care4Trauma Newsletter (May 2023).
Fourth Care4Trauma Newsletter (November 2023).


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Project Number: 101056671

NPO Women’s Support and Information Centre’s self-financing in the project is co-funded by National Foundation of Civil Society with 3296,40 euros.

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