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NGO Pärnu Women’s Support Centre, NGO Women’s Support and Information Centre, NGO For the protection of Non-Violent Life and the Icelandic partner organization Rótin are jointly implementing the project “Trained specialists help to reduce domestic violence in Estonia”.

The project is funded by the European Union Structural Funds (European Economic Area (EEA) and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014-2021, Local Development and Poverty Reduction program) and lasts for 18 months: 01.02.2021-31.07.2022

The general objective of the project:

Through trainings conducted in five major regions of Estonia, specialists in contact with victims of domestic violence at the primary level are aware of the causes, consequences and possibilities of assistance, and more effective cooperation between agencies has helped reduce domestic violence in Estonian society.

It is important to raise the awareness of professionals about violence and thus to build a safer society. Conscious professionals not only deal with the consequences but also contribute to prevention by giving professionals the opportunity to intervene at an earlier stage of violence, where the damage is easier to reverse and the mental health of potential victims cannot suffer to the same extent as those living in long-term violence.
The training material produced by the project deals with intimate partner violence very extensively and, in addition to the key elements, addiction issues, violence against the elderly and cyber violence, distance counselling and cooperation mechanisms have been introduced as new topics.

In addition to the specifics of intimate partner violence, specialists are also trained to work as joint regional teams. In order to avoid re-victimization by support systems, the cooperation of professionals in contact with the victim is critical. As a result of the project work, the members of the network trained work together to find the best solution for each person in need, in order to avoid re-victimization by the state. It also requires finding informal solutions and involving additional professionals. In addition to specialists from support centres and local governments, as well as victim support staff, the project will involve partners who have not been involved so far, such as family doctors and nurses, and court representatives.

Project Manager:
Margo Orupõld (Pärnu Women’s Shelter NPO)

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