Better services for the Russian-speaking population

Funder: Open Estonian Foundation

Project period: 01.04.2014-31.12.2014

The aim of the current project is the improvement of knowledge in Russian language about domestic violence and increased possibilities for Russian speakers to get help in Tartu and surrounding counties.
There are many Russian speaking women coming to the shelter that only get information about our services from indirect sources. At the same time, based on our experience in serving them, the topic is an important one in the Russian community.

During the project employees will be trained to better communicate, translate existing forms and web-page materials into Russian. We will also create info materials that will be distributed in public places where victims often are (police, hospitals etc). We will also create training materials for Russian students and lectures based on those materials.  Our project will also focus on long term prevention, by raising awareness and educating young people via lectures given in Russian language schools.

Primary beneficiaries of the project are Russian speaking victims of domestic violence. Secondary beneficiaries will be Russian speaking students who will get introduction to the topic via lectures.

Outcomes of this project include:

  • Translated materials about domestic violence on NGO-s website;
  • Brochure on domestic violence and available services in Russian created (3000 copies);
  • Trained employees of shelter;
  • 10 lectures to high school students on how what domestic violence is and how it can be prevented/dealt with

More information: sirje.otstavel@gmail.com

Thank you

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