The Erasmus+ funded RE-ABILITY  (Adult education to promote RElational Ability) project is an intervention project aimed at strengthening socio–relational and emotional skills on women victims of violence, welcomed in the shelters, with or without their babies. The ultimate goal is improving the parental skills to make a better connection between mom and children to establish a new balance and offering to the women new educational pathways to improve their skills.

Within this project three intellectual outputs will be produced:
1. Parental Educational Plan

Within this project, a learning needs analysis will be carried out with the ultimate aim of knowing what women inside the shelters and social operators who work with them need to achieve the expected results. The first step is the realization of the Parental Educational Plan, a tool aimed at analyzing the baseline of the parental skills to better define the goals to reach to improve the relationship between mom/child.

2. Toolkit for educators to fulfill the Parental Educational Plan

3. Policy recommendations

New educational needs: recommendations from mothers who have been victims of violence. This is a report in which the data and results of the two previous outputs are presented together with real policy recommendations so that women/mothers are given a voice in dialogue with political decision-makers.


Project period: 01.10.2020 – 30.09.2022

Lead partner: 3P (Padre Pino Puglisi) Societa Cooperative Sociale (Italy)
Women’s Support and Information Centre NPO (WSIC), Estonia
Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture (UWAH), Greece
Parents’ Association “Step by Step”, Croatia
Consorzio Tartaruga, Italy
Asociatia ANAIS, Romania


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