Multi-agency approach to support victims of intimate partner violence with substance abuse issues

MARISSA addresses the phenomenon of co-occurring Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) victimization & Substance Abuse (SA) problems. Existing victim support programs seem to fail to address the scenario of addicted victims of IPV because the two elements (IPV & addiction) are treated separately, while it would be necessary to be approached under a common-wise protocol.

MARISSA will develop practical multi-agency tools & capacity building material on the topic, so as to facilitate professionals & improve the offered services for women with co-occurring IPV victimization & SA; along with implementing strong awareness-raising activities to inform stakeholders, victims & the general public about this important issue.

Project Lead Partner:
Union of Women Associations of Heraklion Prefecture / UWAH (Crete, Greece)

University of Crete (Greece)
University of Tartu (Estonia)
University of Iceland (Iceland)
Women’s Support and Information Center NPO (Estonia)
The Root – Association on Women, Addiction and Mental Health (Iceland)


Project duration: 2 years – June 2020-May 2022

More information: mari.puniste@naistetugi.ee




NPO Women’s Support and Information Centre’s self-financing in the project is co-funded by National Foundation of Civil Society with 7223,25 euros.

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